Transitional Therapy


Transitional Support Services (TSS)

At Vitality Integrated Programs, TRANSITIONAL SUPPORT SERVICES (TSS) connects those adults who are dually diagnosed or have co-occurring disorders with community support services that enable and enhance successful integration into the community and aid in the goal of total wellness.

With interactive and motivational assessment interviewing, a client’s unique wellness goals and achievements become realities with a new sense of purpose and a knowledge that even in consideration of one’s disorders, the ability to learn a way to lead a meaningful life is very real. As progress is made on personal wellness journeys an empowerment emerges to make willful, healthy choices, take on responsibilities, enhance personal relationships & important friendships in life, in community and ultimately, the world.

Vitality Integrated Programs Provide Results

Vitality Integrated Programs provides weekly, evidence-based, parenting groups, facilitated by an experienced educator. Geared towards helping you parent your children with tips and strategies designed to help you become a more effective parent. The groups will expand on brain development, effective communication skills and positive discipline techniques. The goal is to help you and your child have a better relationship and communicate in a more effective manner.