Peer Support


What is a Peer?

A person who uses his or her lived experience of recovery from mental illness and/or addiction, plus skills learned in formal training, to deliver services in behavioral health settings to promote mind body recovery and resiliency.

-SAMHSA (2014)

What is a Peer Support Specialist?

At Vitality integrated Programs, our Peer Support Specialists do many jobs, work in many positions and do many things, but …The primary role of a peer provider is to promote and support the recovery of their peers (our clients).

  • Provide Support and Advocacy
  • Role Model Recovery journeys
  • Facilitate Positive Change

Our Peer Delivered Health and Wellness Services involves:

  • Assisting an individual with accessing needed care and prevention services
  • Helping set personal health goals to promote recovery and a wellness lifestyle
  • Providing support for adopting and sustaining healthy habits and behaviors in order to prevent disease onset and/or lessen the impact of existing chronic health conditions (Swarbrick, 2013)