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Services Overview

We offer:

Substance abuse treatment
Affordable housing programs
Other supportive services

Substance Abuse Admissions:
Residential Treatment
Barbara Caskey 775-738-6102 

Affordable Housing:
Barbara Caskey 775-738-6102

Community Outreach:
Barbara Caskey 775-738-8004

Treatment admission prioritization for all programs, except for Civil Protective 
Custody Services, are conducted in the following order:

1.     Pregnant injection drug users
2.     Pregnant substance abusers
3.     Non pregnant injection drug users
4.     All others

What is a CCBHC | Sliding Fee Scale | Sliding Fee Scale Policy

What is a CCBHC

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) are designed to provide a comprehensive range of mental health and substance use disorder services, particularly to vulnerable individual and families with the most complex needs.

CCBHCs must offer the following services directly:
  1. Crisis mental health services including 24-hour mobile crisis teams, emergency crisis intervention and crisis stabilization.
  2. Screening, assessment and diagnosis including risk management.
  3. Person-centered treatment planning.
  4. Evidence-based outpatient mental health and substance use services including integrated treatment for co-occurring mental health/substance use conditions.
CCBHCs may offer the following services either directly or through a formal contract with a designated collaborating organization (DCO).
  1. Outpatient primary care screening and monitoring of health indicators and health risk. This includes screening for diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and monitoring weight, height, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, blood glucose or HbA1C, and lipid profile.
  2. Targeted case management.
  3. Psychiatric rehabilitation services including Assertive Community Treatment, family psychoeducation, supported employment, supported housing and therapeutic foster care.
  4. Peer support, counseling services, and family supports.
  5. Services for members of the armed services and veterans. Intensive community-based mental health care for members of the armed forces and veterans, particularly in rural areas; care consistent with minimum clinical mental health VA guidelines.
CCBHCs must develop connections with other providers and systems (criminal justice), primary care, inpatient psychiatric facilities and substance use detox and residential programs, adult and youth peer support, other community services including schools, child welfare, housing agencies, foster care and provide health and wellness services including for tobacco cessation.

CCBHCs will provide the comprehensive array of services necessary to create access, stabilization of individuals in crisis, and provide necessary treatment for those with the most serious, complex mental illnesses and addictions. CCBHC will integrate additional services to ensure an approach to health care that emphasizes recovery, wellness, trauma, informed care and physical behavioral health integration.
  1. Easy and welcoming access to services regardless of ability to pay or location of residence to ensure those who need services are available to receive them.
  2. Immediate screening, assessment and risk assessment for mental health, addictions and basic primary care needs to ameliorate the chronic co-morbidities that drive poor health outcomes and high costs for those with behavioral health disorders.
  3. 24/7/365 crisis services to help people stabilize the most clinically appropriate, least restrictive, least traumatizing and most cost-effective settings.
  4. Full clinical, operational and financial commitment to peer and family support, recognizing these elements as essential for recovery.
  5. Tailored emphasis on active and veteran military, who have served our country with honor, to ensure they receive the unique health care support they need.
  6. Expanded coordination with other health care and social service providers, with a focus on whole health and comprehensive access to a full range of medical, behavioral and support services.
CCBHCs service any individual in need of care, regardless of his or her ability to pay. These include, but are not limited to:
  1. Adults with serious mental illness.
  2. Children with serious emotional disturbance.
  3. Those with long-term chronic addiction.
  4. Others with mild or moderate mental illness and substance use disorders.
  5. Underserved individuals and families.
  6. Low income individuals and families.
  7. Those who are insured, uninsured or on Medicaid.
  8. Those with complex health profiles.
  9. Members of our armed services and veterans.
VU is capable and able to provide clinical treatment services to children, adolescents, transitional-agd youth, adults and families in our Elko facility.