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Veterans Program

3660 El Rancho Drive
Sparks, Nevada  89433
Michael Ziegler, Care Coordinator
Phone:  775-673-3800
Fax:  775-673-3887

Vitality Unlimited received awards from the Veterans Administration in October of 2010 for thirty units (30) of transitional housing in Sun Valley, Nevada and twenty units (20) of transitional housing in South Lake Tahoe, California.  

The goal of the Vitality Veterans program is to move the homeless veteran to independent living in twenty-four (24) months. The Vitality Veterans Program will provide residential stability to homeless male. By increasing skills and income capability we will enable these individuals to overcome disabilities both physical and mental while re-claiming the dreams they had prior to their military service.  The reality of homeless Veterans in the USA, after they have given so much, is a stain on our public consciousness.  We cannot help them all but we believe very strongly that it will be very important to the ones we can.  

Vitality Veterans will be able to take any eligible veteran who has not been dishonorably discharged.  Any veteran will be eligible for acceptance no matter what VISN they come from.