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Our Vitality Veterans program for
homeless males and females seeks to provide residential stability, increase life skills and/or income capability.    


Michael Ziegler, Care Coordinator
Vitality Veterans
3655 El Rancho Drive
Sun Valley, Nevada  89433
Phone:  775-673-3800
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Secretary Shinseki Announces Grants to Help the Homeless Veterans

Washington, DC - Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki announced on Saturday, October 2, 2010, that 40 states will share more than $41.9 million in grants to community groups to provide 2,568 beds for homeless Veterans this year.

The Veterans Administration Homeless Grant and Per Diem Program provides grants and per diem payments to help public and nonprofit organizations establish and operate new supportive housing for homeless Veterans.

Vitality Unlimited, a social safety net for Nevada and California, was the recipient of the following awards:

South Lake Tahoe - Vitality Lake Tahoe, 20 beds, one van,
capital grant and per diem award
Sun Valley - Vitality Unlimited - 30 beds, per diem award

A key component of the Veteran's Administration's plan to eliminate homelessness among Veterans within five years, the grants and per diem payments helped reduce the number of Veterans who were homeless on a typical night last year by about 18 percent to about 107,000 Veterans.

For more information on the Veteran's Administration's National Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem Programs please visit their website at www.va.gov/homeless.