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Keys to Happiness
and Healthy

Workshops for women
To Register:
Call 775-738-3520 TODAY or
email  Kristi@KristiLynGlass.com

to have a detailed brochure and registration form mailed to you, or stop by Vitality Center at 3740 Idaho St. in Elko to pick up more information.  You may also ask to be put on the waiting list for the next workshop.

Vitality Center regularly sponsors unique twelve-session workshops for women, Keys to Happiness and Healthy Relationships, twice annually, in the fall and winter. This progressive series of weekly sessions will teach you to effectively set boundaries, improve relationships, and handle anger, rejection, anxiety, shame, intimacy, unmet expectations, and more.

• Do you keep having the same problems with different people?
• Do you feel guilty when you stand up for yourself?
• Are you constantly trying to solve everyone else's problems
so they'll be happy?
• Does expressing/receiving anger frighten you?
• Would you like to have better relationships with your spouse,
co-workers, and friends?

If you've answered "Yes" to any of these questions, this 12-week workshop can help you lead a happier life and have healthier relationships with your significant other, friends, co-workers, and loved ones. You'll learn what has been robbing you of happiness and healthy relationships-and why.

In mid-January and early September, this progressive series of twelve weekly two-hour sessions will begin in Elko. The workshops are led by Kristi Lyn Glass, who developed the workshop curriculum. These workshops will help you understand your relationship history, improve your communications, effectively set boundaries, and better handle anger, unmet expectations, criticism, intimacy, and more. The workshops will benefit individuals who want to make significant positive changes in their lives and relationships. Take a life-changing step toward personal empowerment by signing up for this workshop today. Invite a friend to come, too.

Workshop Content
Here is a list of the 12 session topics, in the order in which they will be covered:

Phase I-Understanding the Problem
1.  What is codependency? Am I codependent?
2.  How did I become codependent? Family roles and rules. Stages and goals of
3.  Understanding Myers-Briggs personality types
4.  Who/what are my bogeymen? How do I get rid of them?
5.  Learning from the voices in my head

Phase II-Examining Past Relationships
6.  What is my relationship history?
7.  What are healthy relationships? How do they work?
8.  Learning from past behavior patterns; dealing with criticism

Phase III-Improving Present and Future Relationships
9.  Setting boundaries in relationships and behaving assertively
10. Managing anger
11. Evaluating/improving intimate connections
12. Developing and implementing a self-launching plan

Cost: $20/session, payable in advance or at the start of each session.
Total cost of class is $240 per person.
($225 if full payment is received prior to first session)

Checks or money orders should be made payable to "Vitality Center." Vocational-Rehabilitation, Division of Child and Family Services, Welfare, and other social services agencies may pay tuition for their clients to attend this workshop. Ask your case manager if this kind of help is available to you.

Each participant will receive a 3-ring binder with index tabs to contain the comprehensive course materials and worksheets that will be handed out at each session. After participating in all 12 workshop sessions, each participant will receive a certificate of completion to recognize her commitment to change. Attendance at all 12 workshop sessions is crucial for each participant to see improvement in her relationships. Each workshop session is designed to build upon the others and will include outside assignments for reflection and personal growth. Due to the large amount of material to be processed, it is important to allow at least a week between sessions.

Class size: Maximum of 20 per workshop

Time/Date/Location: 6:30-8:30 pm Wednesdays at Mountain Shadows Apartments Community Room , 1810 Winchester Dr., Elko, Nevada. This workshop is regularly offered in the fall (starting in early September) and winter (starting in mid-January). Each session lasts approximately 2 hours. Class participants must commit to attending all 12 sessions and completing homework assignments.

Instructor:  Kristi Lyn Glass, B.A., has conducted workshops in many major cities across the U.S. She designed the Keys to Happiness and Healthy Relationships workshop, and  has been conducting it in the Elko area since 2004.

Sponsor: This course is sponsored by Vitality Center, an Elko-based nonprofit whose mission is to help society improve the health and welfare of mankind by fostering and establishing linkages, services, and programs that improve the quality of life, and reducing the number of individuals dependent on alcohol and other drugs. Established in 1971, Vitality Center has a long and successful history of helping many people find new paths to healthier lives.

To Register: Call 775-738-3520 or email  Kristi@KristiLynGlass.com to have a detailed brochure and registration form mailed to you, or stop by Vitality Center at 3740 Idaho St. in Elko to pick up more information.  You may also ask to be put on the waiting list for the next workshop.